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2013 Bulgarian Missions Program

Help us send an underpriviliged Bulgarian child to Christian Summer camp. For every $25 donation, we can pay for one child to go to camp for a week This includes transportation, food, and camp overhead costs such as electricity and teaching materials. These children come from harsh conditions in impoverished villages in Bulgaria. One week of camp can make a lifetime difference for a child.

From Cornett Ministries:
What an awesome summer! From the breakfast meal, to music, to Bible Class, crafts, lunch, outdoor sports, and music again, afternoon meal, and then "God bless you" til tomorrow - all in all this makes a great day in camp! For all of you who have sown seed in this harvest - you are blessed! These children will be in Heaven with you because you gave and brought the gospel for them to hear. Those who were baptized gave their personal testimony and really understood what they were doing. Then they had communion afterwards which is a custom here after baptism.
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Donations can also be made by calling (800) 849-3683, or by writing to:

Dove Broadcasting
3409 Rutherford Rd. Ext.
Taylors, SC 29687