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The Dove Broadcasting Missions Department has a continuing relationship with mission projects in the country of Moldova.

The conditions in Moldovan orphanages would remind you of what Romania was like after the Revolution in l989. The children own nothing - not a toy or set of clothes that belong to them alone. In the desperate economic climate the families of the children simply could not afford to keep them. The situation is particularly bleak for disabled children in Moldova because it has few facilities to meet their needs and disability still carries a social stigma.

In a meeting with government officials in May of 2005, Joanne Thompson was made aware of a desperate need in Chisinau. An orphanage also serving as a school for 150 children was in need of heating. The existing radiators attached to the walls had not worked in some time and the facility did not have the funds to replace the old system with a new heating system. During the tour of this facility Joanne learned that due to the severity of the winters and lack of adequate heat, children had died. God touched Joanne's heart to say that we would not only replace the heating system so these children could be warm during the harsh winters in Moldova, but that we would also provide them with warm clothing and coats for Christmas.

If only you could have seen the faces of the children as boxes were unloaded with warm blankets; shoes; coats; backpacks filled with hygiene items, stuffed toys, toiletry items; warm clothing; hats and scarves and socks. This was the first Christmas for many of the children and the first time the children had something that belonged to them alone.

This Christmas miracle was made possible by the Grace of God and the generous donations of viewers of Dove Broadcasting, Inc. A plaque has been hung in the orphanage to the Glory of God and to honor our faithful supporters who made all of this possible.

The school and orphanage director stated that many times Christian organizations came by promising to bring help. They took pictures of the children to use in fundraising but never came back. She stated she thought Dove Broadcasting would be the same. She is filled with excitement and joy as she sees God At Work through the donations of our viewers. The promise was kept!

When the Bible says to "Go Into All the World and Preach the Gospel," Dove Broadcasting strives to do that!
Moldova Trip 2006 Photos

Moldova is one of the poorest, if not the poorest, countries in Europe.

These are some of the children we met at the orphanage where we installed a heating system and new windows.

Moldova is still in political and social turmoil. What does the future hold for this country and its precious children?